Black Lightning: Season 2 Reviews

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½ January 16, 2019
January 11, 2019
More racism from the most racist show ever created.
Was it written by Louis Farakkhan?
January 9, 2019
For all those who call this show bad, you have no idea what your talking about. First of all almost ever CW show has the problem with predictable writing, and this is not a superhero show. This is a show about the black perspective with super aspects, just as supergirl a show about the female perspective with superhero aspects, or how Logan was a western with superhero aspects. This show is about how a majority of black americans see the world.

Now the show itself is a masterpiece for being a CW show, because all effects in every CW show are not great even Arrow has issues. I can say this because I have rewatched each one of these shows with notes going into the double digits and mean seasons. The show has a superb casting minus Cyanide and Procter.
The story plot is not about overcoming stereotypes, but is about how to be an individual and black, regardless of what the world my see. There is a gentleman from season 1 reviews who talks about the black stereotypes in show, however he has failed to see that this show is about growing up black, american, and millennial or being parents to one.

Now the is not without flaws. Sure it has a heavy anti conferderate and be wary of LE message, but once again a show about black perspective. If people don't understand that today a majority of black people don't trust LE, then you live under a rock. However, Black lightning still trust at least some LE and it even points out that some police not all are either to paranoid or trigger to be effective,
I digress. The shows flaws are there however, they suit is more of a nit pick because it glows yet green arrow is a ninja in a visible even in the dark green suit "right" but is it is accurate to him in the comics. The white bashing is a little much, but not overly abundant, every villian has an issue with black people in this show which is more to reflect the social political climate of the era. Now for those who say I don't want to see that in my TV, to bad, every show has a message and it is up to us to see if we agree with it. For instance "This is Us", which I dislike, is a show about family, relationships, and pain throughout a single family, even though it branches still one family. Black lightning also has elements of self hate through Tobias, identity through Jennifer, rage through Anissa, and fear through Jefferson. Every charcter is developing in there own way unlike in other CW shows and at the same time, where as other shows focus on a couple of characters at a time.

Now is this show perfect no, no show is or ever will be. It a show markets towards a specific audience like an other, primarily black people alnd superhero fans. I have red black lightning comics and done due diligence research on his character and they have done well prosenting him so far. Black lightning doesn't need to be a character that saves the world, time, or the multiverse. That would defeat his purpose because unlike every other CW DC hero, he did not create his villians or have some tie to anyone who did, they were already here. Example Flash is responsible reverse flash, savitar (literally), deveo, and cicade. Supergirl created maxwell lord, her aunt and uncle, ben( season 4), and Cadmus. Arrow created slade and Prometheus. Each one of them created the issues they then had to deal with leaving the rest of us to deal with the mess. Black ligthning has done none of those, andnhas given back more to his world and community than any other of the CW heros.

So before you go bashing a excellent show write down everything you see in an episode, positive and negative, and then make an informed decision, instead being stuck a few negatives. Such a common problem of generation X,Y, and Z. Stop only focusing on the negative
December 26, 2018
Great new Superhero show. Don't pay attention to the audience review score. Racists try to bring down the ratings for Black shows and movies. Judge for yourself.
December 18, 2018
Oh yeah! I like these strong characters. Nice
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